We are an young and dynamic team passionate about understanding trends movements in the financial markets. Opportunities offered by this sector of activity motivates us to constantly adapt our skills and be always ready to make the right decisions in the market. The knowledge gathered revolves around the three specific types of financial analysis: fundamental, technical and psychological.
Forex Financial Analysis Forecasts

We have over a decade of experience in the technical analysis and basic principles underlying financial trend movements. We understand the fundamentals to find long-term main directions and we use technical analysis to find the best price and strategic moments to enter or exit the market. We learned how to apply Fibonacci and Gann tools on any trend to find important price levels but also important time moments of reversal or continuation of the movement.



  • Deep research!

    Education is essential in investments. Every day we learn from others who are better than us and have more practical experience. So our mentors as Fibonacci, Gann orElliot gave us the best information about how we can analyze trends movements.Further we learned to use their knowledge and now we share it with those interested in forecasting the markets. If you’re starting out and want to learn more about trading and the financial markets, we offer online training course in technical analysis. Justmastering information you can use to your advantage.
  • We analyze trends and search for pips!

    Technical analysis is an important pillar in determining and understanding a trend movement. If the financial fundamentals are essential to the direction and motivationof investors and speculators, technical analysis is very useful because you see clear the phases of a trend. Besides these two informations we use and like psychological analysis or any other that can demonstrate its usefulness in determining the evolution of a financial instrument. Using Fibonacci and Gann principles, we try to pinpoint the best opportunities to enter the market to accumulate pips.
  • We share!

    We offer you the best analysis and recommendations for different financial instruments like Forex currency pairs, Gold, major cash indices and on demand forprivate companies or stocks. Practically everything that can be measured in both timeand value can be analyzed and forecasted. If you are starting out in this field then surely our expertise and our vision can help you. If you’re already a professional andmaster financial markets, then surely another confirmation technique it is useful.Based on percentage returns we offer a more professional and accurate analysis and forecasts regarding the evolution of financial markets.


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